How To Retire in Early 30's?

How to retire in early 30's? 

Is it possible to achieve financial freedom in your 30’s? Well I think it is possible depending on what your lifestyle will be. Also it will depend on how early your start doing it. The earliest you decide is most likely you will succeed, by doing so you have to sacrifice a lot like your friends, leisure and anything that will cost you money. Make this goal as your number one priority in your life. Always remind yourself about it. Make a personal sacrifice and melt the desire in your head. People will think that I am fooling myself when I say that it is possible to retire early or young but I think it is possible.

When I said lifestyle, it means how much you want to spend when you retire. Are you going to stay in the cheap and simple town or you want to live in New York, London or other expensive cities? We can not have same lifestyle with Bill Gates or other billionaires but at least you can live a modest lifestyle. The best way is after you accumulate money and wealth and ready for retirement, you have to move to cheaper place like Philippines and you can have your own servant.

Here are some guidelines to obtain Early Retirement:

1. First of all try to imagine yourself as if you are now retiring. Where are you going to spend your retirement period? Best of all how much money do you need to spend when you retire. It means lifestyle. Also consider the health insurance as you need this very much. Take note of inflation and where are you going to invest your savings. Make a chart or detailed notes for this.

2. You should make a lot of money if you want to retire early like landing a high paying job. Some of the jobs which offer big bucks this day are investment banking, Sales and Engineering. Make researches about these three fields and you will know. Medical care is also a source of good income this day. Make extra effort to earn money like overtime and another job if you have a chance. Look for a promotion if possible and master your craft.

3. Upon doing your goal don’t forget that it is not just the destination but the journey is also important. Enjoy yourself like strolling in the parks, painting if you have talent on it, dancing, writing or singing.

4. Be frugal in everything. Must people spend proportion of their salaries so they end up nothing. Make a budget, live in a modest apartment and don’t eat outside always. Celebrate if you meet your target of saving money.

5. Invest wisely on business or investments which are profitable. I will not include them here; it is long and beyond the scope of this topic. Study investment, business and accounting. Example of investment is real estate.

6. Don’t be discouraged. There are times when you are at low point and bored. Hang on and tell yourself that not all people are cut for this opportunity or ambition.

Some tips on How To Retire Early 30's:

• After working and acquiring money in big cities like New York, London or San Francisco, you better go somewhere else where the life expenses is cheaper. It is impractical living in a very expensive place.

• Don’t get married early. Marry when you are near to your retiring period. It is very expensive to raise children now a day. Finding a partner with the same vision is difficult. When you retire you can now focus on your career and while you are earning.

• Consider not having children as it will cost you too much like raising and to educate them. Plan it carefully as you will regret if you do this in haste. Remember you can’t rewind what you have done.

• Even if you did not get the target at least you have tried and end up wealthy too. You can now relax and go away from that stressful job and work as part time or full time but not stressful. Let your money grow through investment and retire after 10 years. It does not make any difference.

• Now even if you retire, you can still work as you wish and never worry if you will be fired. You can supplement your investment or nest-egg by accepting part time job like teaching.

Well, there are times or instances that we prefer comfort zone and happiness. Maybe it is right also but working up to 65 years of age and end up with a small monthly pension is not right. It is better to have choices rather than following an ordinary financial life which you don’t have any choice. Yes, I salute to people who are hard worker, who work hard for their company but don’t forget anytime they can replace you with new employee, so save and invest personally. Don’t depend on company benefits and pension; they are not enough as the inflation rises every year. This is how to retire early in early 30's. It really depend on what you want when you retire.


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