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Recently I accidentally browsed the website and here are my comments about this website:
Two years ago I visited this site using my Acer 1640Z Laptop but I did not understand what it is all about. I knew that it is a site for bidding website designing, banners, programs, animations, data entry and other online services but I was discouraged because you have to pay when you join. I have been looking for a part time lately which I can do at my convenient time at home. So if you are a programmer, web developer, graphic designer then visit this site and be a member. It is free now as a promo for their re launch in exchange for a link going to their site. The bidding prices are actually huge so take your time and register now. Don’t be left behind.

If you are a webmaster and recruiter and have a project and want to minimize your expenses then visit htt:// and post your project and expect to receive a lot of freelancer and other expert application from around the world. You can release your money after the completion of the project.

To know more about the rates and affiliation program click SupportUniverse. This website has offered a lot of opportunities to both freelancers and recruiters. Some of the offers become permanent after the recruiter satisfied with the task accomplished by the freelancers.


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