Dell Inspiron 530 Review

Computer nowadays is considered a necessity because the world is getting smaller and it is one of the best appliances to communicate your friends around the world. Yeah, I call it now as appliance. I have read and see about a personal computer that is Dell Inspiron 530 and I must say that I am satisfied with its performance. The price is just okay and affordable. Here are my personal review about this PC and I am sure you will be eager to buy this model.

Here are the specs of this computer:
GRAPHICS ADAPTER: Nvidia Ge Force 8300 GS
MONITOR MODEL: Dell SE 198 wfp
The Dell Inspiron 530 is affordable and the performance as I said in terms of graphics and rebooting is impressive. The price as of February is around $689.00 and I know it will go down as most computer prices today so I might wait for that time lol :-)

Here is a review from one of the bloggers that I read:

According to PC WORLD test system, the 530 earned a Worldbench 6 Beta 2 score of 73 commendable in the value desktop category. Its impressive application and graphics performance aided by its dedicated graphics making it the best choice for playing simple games.

The 530's has that glossy white silver mid-tower case and it is well ventilated. Like most other value system, the Dell Inspiron 530 uses a smaller motherboard that supports fewer expansion options than larger boards. The Dell monitor delivered sharp text, fine color and have that high quality still and moving objects capture.

If you really want a value desktop with an excellent price to performance ratio, The Dell Inspiron 530 is the best deal among the budget PCs.

I hope I satisfy you about this product review.


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