Like a Chipmunk

This is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to travel around the world with $100,000.00. May the best win! Honestly I want to see the world but I do not have enough money to do it. It is my childhood dream to visit all the best places in the world like Paris, New York, London and even Maldives.

If I have a chance to win this LG contest I would spend it not to travel but donate half of the prize to charity because it is more important than to spend it traveling around the world. Half of the prize will be invested so that when it grows in the near future I can use it for traveling around the world. I can wait for that time and will still be proud that I hit two birds with one stone.

LG contest will change one person life if he win this contest. See the funny video and be borderless like a squirrel. Everyone want to free and see the world without limitation. You to can be borderless if you win the prize.


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