How to Attract Potential Customers Using Internet?

If you have a business right now you need to improve your sales by using a lot of techniques. One of the methods is referral, by giving some freebie to your returning customers; they will invite new potential buyers. You have to maintain good relations to your present and previous client so they will not look for other stores.

My friend is using MLM method to generate new customers. He gives an award or some bonuses if his buyers or costumers invite one or more persons to his shop. Banners and flyers are also effective in advertising now a day. You can paste flyers in posts, walls, cars and also print your ads in mugs, t-shirts, and other souvenir items. Just spread the words regarding your business and be friendly to your existing costumers. Words of mouth are the most effective in advertising. Make a buzz.

If your business is small and you want to go global for more sales then you need an internet to spread the news. This is the cheapest way than to advertise in magazines, newspaper or television. In ads campaign you need to do trial and error to succeed.
In the net you need to have a website for your business and some tools on how to sell or pay via online. Make it presentable and easy to navigate. After that you have to advertise your website. Let them know that you exist on the net. Submit your URL to a lot of search engines and directories. Yahoo and Google are some of the major search engines. LondonAdvertisingDirectory, Link2me and Addme are some of the directories which you can submit your Website Link. These websites have categories where your URL is place. For example if you have a business about MLM then it will be put in Home Business category. Directory is good because it is usually free than other ads campaign. It is also targeted traffic. My website about investment tutorials gained a lot of traffic through this kind of method campaign. Major search engines will charge you for placement just for exposure, so why not try linking through directory. Forums, joining a group or email list are also good but you need a lot of time writing an article.


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