How to Gain Financial Freedom | Ways to Become Rich

This is not a quick rich scheme that will make you rich overtime. Remember when you become rich overnight; most likely you will lose it in a short time too. Why? Because you are unprepared to handle such wealth and there is a tendency to spend it without your control.

Here are some basic ways to gain Financial Freedom regardless of how much you earn:

1. Find a job that will generates income or if you have no chance to have one, be self employed. I knew a lot of individuals who became rich without working in a big company but self employed. Honestly to have a secured job will only put you where you are. Make your financial status stagnant. There are only a few rooms to grow. Have you heard an employee become rich? Only a few of them. Maybe this vehicle will make your life easier but you are staying in your comfort zone.

2. Pay yourself first! This is basic and should be implemented at once. At less 10% and invest it to a business or investment that will grow at 15% a year. This is a healthy return. Beware if your investment grows more than 20% a year, except for businesses like groceries, services and etc. But if you put your money to a company that will earn more than 20%, most likely it is a scam.

3. Save as much as possible. Don’t eat from fast foods, pack your own lunch. Besides it is healthy and nutritious. Stop your vices like smoking, drinking alcohol, buying things which are not needed but wants only.

4. Maintain your lifestyle just like what you have. Remember that if your earning is increasing, your spending is also increasing proportionally. Don’t spend but invest the earning of your investment or business and again remember the 10% for yourself.

5. Find a niche which you like because if you go into business which you don’t like, most likely you will not succeed.

6. Invest in business or investment that doesn’t need your presence. Remember you can’t attend all businesses as you are only one. Investment in Mutual Funds, stock market, franchise, bonds, securities and etc.

7. Share it your love ones and friends and don’t forget to give thiet to the church. Your abundance is from our creator so it is just right to give him some of your earning. Most rich people do this.

8. Teach your friends and relatives how you attend your financial freedom. Make a campaign. The more your help, the more you earn. Make a wider influence to get a bigger share of grace from God.

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