Investing Is Easy

Many think that investing is very hard like a complicated math subject or maybe a history subject that we need to memorize. But this is not true at all; in fact many good and season investors are not that good in the class at all. But it is better if you are good. It pays off to be good but to tell you frankly it is only 20% of what you can have. There is a rule which is called 80/20 which is very or still applicable to any situation. I forget the name of this rule but anyway let me give you an example.

In business to succeed you have to have a business that works. Well do you think you will get rich concentrating on one business? Not likely! Here you need the help of other people to get rich; you can not do it alone. It is what we call leveraging whether it is about money or human resources. McDonald will not be McDonald of today if it is not using a leveraging principle, same as other big companies, they expand, and they branch out. Now even if they earn 10% to all those branches compared to the one which they started that earns 100%, still you get big money if you have 50 branches right?

Investing does not need a rocket scientist in order to succeed, the rule and principle is already there, there is no need to reinvent it. All you have to do is to master the in and out of the business then expand it and market it more. More buyers, more money! Make it big. Think for a long term business or investment. Of course I am not talking here about stock market and mutual fund but investments like you have your own business. Real Estate is an investment to especially if you use it to earn you money monthly like rentals and rent to own. All you have to do is to add and add these businesses until you have lots of apartment or space to rent. In this case you will only receive big money with less work. Indeed you let your money work for you and not the other way around.

You should cultivate the treats of a good entrepreneur like patience, hard worker, innovator and etc.

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