SSS - Social Security System

Did you pay your SSS lately? If you did not pay your monthly contribution payment then you are not alone! By the way SSS stands for Social Security System. No matter where you live in this world there is an equivalent name to it.

According to survey, 80% of the population doesn't contribute their SSS monthly due. SSS is very important for everyone. It is an investment too. Actually there are lots of benefits of paying SSS like loans, maternity leave, funeral benefits, and pension of course when you are in your golden years. The earlier you start and the bigger you contribute the better.

SSS is for individual who is not a government employee and a Filipino. There is another name for that in your country, look for it. You can choose the bracket of how much you want or can afford to contribute. Like for example you can choose to pay $100.00 per month or more. Everyone is eligible whether you are employed or not as long as you reach 18 years of age and below 60 years old. Even if you are not in the Philippines you can still pay through different correspondent bank in the world.

Paying per month will not hurt your packet, besides it will compound and earn interest and your money will grow and when you reach 60 years of old, you can take it as lump sum and or have monthly check from SSS depending on what option you would like. I have seen one old lady who was a tailor and currently receiving SSS pension per month. She advised me to pay my monthly SSS too. She said she never regret paying it. You can choose to pay 10 years straight or continues payment until you reach 60.

If you are in the government, you will pay in GSIS. No matter what are you into, paying your SSS is a must. It is a personal Investment where no one can take it away from you. Every OFW (overseas Filipino Worker or expatriates) must contribute and it can help to your dependent too. Remember you are away from your family to earn and save money. Don't go home empty handed. You work hard so you deserve a break.

If you are into investment, don't miss this one. This is a sure investment that you can have. Before going into other invest, pay your SSS first. 


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