Where to Invest in Real Estate Aside from buying or developing a property?

Some other ways to invest in real estate are through Stocks or Mutual Funds, Boarding House and Rent it out when you are in vacation.

1. When you are not ready to build or buy a piece of property where are you going to invest in real estate? My friend told me that he did invest in lumbers and other real estate property without having a land title or contacting a contractor for property development. I asked him how he did it. He told me by investing in stocks and mutual funds which caters in those areas. Yes you can invest it in market but choose a company that finances and invest those areas of interest. According to survey the third most gainers in stock aside from gold and oil is lumber. This has proven many times that lumber is very important in real estate. You see a lot of these things are interconnected to each other.

2. If you are near the schools, inner city, offices and companies try to secure or buy a property or house and develop it into a boarding house. This business is real a gold mine. I was once a boarder in college and I found out that there is really a lot of money in this area. You just have to study the in and out of this business. I suggest this kind of business rather than an apartment because I knew that having an apartment has a lot of disadvantages like the rights of the tenant to stay for three months if they could not pay. Whereas in boarding house you can kick your tenant anytime. In boarding house you can also add a business like a mini store and food catering.

3. The third option is to rent out your house or apartment for a short period of time to the foreigner or friends abroad who want a vacation. This is an arrangement to both parties as not to overlap the schedule for the next renter.

4. If you have a lot that is vacant and no building you can advertise it for lease, let say for five or ten years. Don’t let any of your assets idle.


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