Why Invest in Lumber?

There are lots of ways to invest but which one is the best or shall we say secured investment? As an OFW I will recommend lumber. I will give you a personal experience of this. My first job here in Saudi Arabia was finance by money coming from our lumber. My parents have 10 hectares farm land but was not cultivated well due to the fact that my siblings have no interest in farming except one.
Invest in Lumber (photo by freedigitalphotos.net)

So there are lots of trees in it like Palcata, I don't know what is the other name for it, it looks like an Ipil-ipil tree but with white bark and in six years you can cut it down and sell it with good price. The other trees are Lawaan and Mahogany which are high class lumbers and more expensive. Anyway other tree will do but right now palcata, Mahogany and rubber trees are the best. If you have extra money and you bought a farm which is idle or is not used then it is better to fill it with trees.

Here are the advantages:

The lumber right now is very expensive.

If you have planted trees like two to five hectares, some Japanese will ask you for a contract to buy them in the future.

You can ask for money loans in the bank using these trees as collateral.

There is no need for a maintenance since they will grow even if there are bushes or grasses. You just need to clean the area if they are small like seedlings.

It is hard for others to steal them in quantity because it needs a permit to cut trees now a today.

You helped our environment by adding green trees. They are habitat to our fauna or animals which are vanishing.

If you are business minded enough, you can invite people to rent your land for camping.

You can prevent landslides and floods.

If you are an OFW or working abroad, your money will not perish or your capital will not be wasted, in fact it will earn more than 10% guaranteed. Other business is not secured I tell you. They need your presence.

By the way my friend's trees are now worth more than P1 million. He just planted them and left for Canada.

So if you plan to stay long working abroad, this is for you, sure money and without a headache.


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