Accutane and Trasylol Lawsuit

Using drugs today can be dangerous especially if it is not used for many years. We knew that these drugs are tested in laboratories to insure human safety but human bodies react differently to drugs so there are some few human bodies react negatively to Accutane. It is a vitamin B that is used to cure severe cystic acne. If you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease or IBD then you are entitled to file Accutane Lawsuit. There is a case against a giant pharmaceutical company and the guy who suffer from IBD and colitis because he used Accutane. He won the case and awarded more than $2.5 million. In five years according to the news there are 85 cases already filed and believed that Accutane is the culprit of their suffering.

Another drug which is dangerous is Trasylol. This drug is used during heart surgery and bypass operation. This drug is used to avoid blood loss. If you felt the side effect of this drug then you file a Trasylol lawsuit. If you suffer stroke, kidney failure, heart attack or you if you have relatives who undergone a surgery before and you know that trasylol then file a case now.


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