Gold Nugget

Yesterday my friend was very angry because the sport feast that his assistant was organized did not materialize. While talking about his bitterness he told me that his gold nugget which was a souvenir from his company in Papua New Genea was pawned without receipt. He told me that it was pawned very cheap but his gold nugget price is very expensive. His brother could not take back the gold because he did not ask for receipt when he pawned it. I asked him why his brother did not ask for a receipt. Most of the pawnshop will issue you a receipt even if you do not ask. I aid that I smell something fishy about it. 

I told my friend even if it is a gold nugget or gold bullion you should ask for a receipt because you cannot claim anything without papers today. Gold is a precious metal and everyone is interested in it so you must be very careful when dealing with gold. Indeed gold is a very good investment but you need to be very careful.


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