Three Source of Income to Become Rich

There are three sources of income to become rich according to Robert Kiyosaki. Today I read two pages of Robert Kiyosaki book and I found out that many of us are relying on one source of income only. 
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Active Income
This is what we call active income where we are paid to what we are going like if you are employed. The problem is whether you are receiving big bucks or you got a raise still the government is taking almost 50% of your money through tax and other deductions like Social Security and insurances. So no matter how you will strive you will not get rich being an employee. 

Portfolio Income
The next is Portfolio income, this is from the investment like stocks, mutual fund, bond and etc. The problem here is you can't leverage your money and even though you can defer the tax still you have to pay it when you get your investment.

Passive Income

Another source is Passive Income where you can earn money without any work from your side or shall we say a few work only. These are real State, royalty like records, result of inventions and more. So my advice to you is to have a passive income because it is the third less tax compared to active income and portfolio income which you can hide it from the government. Passive income can be leverage which you can earn more money and pay less tax. Be aware of this three source of income to become rich.

If you follow these three Income Generators there is no doubt that you will enjoy these opportunities and discounts. Having these three Incomes can afford you to live to the fullest and luxury. 

If you have only one source of income then build the other two sources of income. These three main sources of income will surely make you rich.


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