Don't Take Medicine without Doctor's Advice

Taking drugs is very dangerous because it can damage our body if we are not aware what the drugs we are taking are all about. Many people died because of overdose and wrong prescription of medicine. My friend who was pregnant with her first child was a victim of drug wrong usage. Her son today has a problem due to that drug. She advised us not to take the drug without prescription especially if you are pregnant. But don’t you know that even if the drug is prescribed there is still a chance that it can damage your baby? Better not to use drug if you are pregnant.

I read about zoloft pphn in the internet today and how this drug should be used because it is not healthy for pregnant women to use it with doctor’s advice. The doctor can lower the dosage of the drug if taken by a pregnant woman because this can affect the baby with lots of side effect like seizure, tremors, irritability, and lack of oxygen in the blood and etc. pulmonary hypertension is more likely to affect the child or baby that the mother has if she is taking this drug. In fact it is six times more to have this complication.

Birth defect can be avoided if you take precaution and rely on doctor’s advice rather than taking the drugs by yourself. 


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