Three Main Source of Income to Become Rich and Millionaire

I have written this topic earlier in my blog but I just want to rewrite it so many would read it and remind that these source of income will help you become rich or maybe a millionaire. Most of us are stuck in working to others to earn monthly income. Our parent educate us to earn a degree so that we can land a good job in a good company. This is a good start but do not rely yourself working all your life because you will not gain financial freedom and in fact your retirement money is not enough to sustain your golden years when you become old. Save money and invest it as early as possible. So the first source of income is employment.

Another source of income is portfolio income and these are stock, mutual fund and etc.

Another source of income is passive income which are businesses, real estate and etc. for more information about this please read Three Source of Income to Become Rich.

How to Make Money


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