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I have a hard time choosing which web hosting company is the best because they gave the same freebies like free domain name, free  ads in Google and yahoo and so on. Many of these web hosting companies promised and claimed that they are the best! So I consulted some of my friends who are in the internet business for awhile and they have different testimonials.

To solve this confusion I searched in the internet and found a website that list the best web hosting in the world. The good news is that there are many testimonials by users who felt that they choose the best web hosting for their website and blog.  This web hosting rating is credible indeed because the rating is based on the users. Asking from your friends can be biased sometimes because they are individuals not a collection from many users. If you want to have a professional website then this is the first step to do, buy your own web hosting and domain name. Most of the web hosting companies will offer a free domain name if you buy web hosting service from them.

You can visit the website now and read some of their articles that are very informative especially if you are into software programming or perhaps you just want to learn what is new in the computer world like in web hosting guide


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