Where to find the best Restaurant?

I am a food lover and to be frank even if I am not rich I was able to dine in different first class restaurant in our country. I found out that it is not the kind of restaurant that will make you satisfy but most of the time is the service of the waiters. The cost of the foods will depend what spices they are using. If the restaurant is intercontinental theme then you have to expect that their menu is expensive because they have to import the spices that they will be using. I am fan of pizza and pasta so I prefer to dine in Italian restaurant most of the time.  Thai and Chinese foods are also delectable but I begin to love Japanese food lately because they are not oily and most of their cuisines are fresh.

The first thing to consider if you want to eat outside is the taste of the foods second is of course the price while service of the crew should be third. These criteria are very important because you eat in the restaurant to enjoy. If you don’t know where to eat then look for restaurant guide in your locality or in your country because I am sure you can find a good restaurant there with the right price. The guide will also feature discount most of the time. Discount coupon is very popular in restaurant guide listing so try to scan their restaurant guide newspaper or magazine. 


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