Computer Repair Service Deal

Last week I went back to the store where I bought my laptop because it stopped working. As I recall I remember that I downloaded a computer game and viola my computer went crazy. I am fun of downloading films, eBooks, music, software and etc., but I forget that most software is accompanied by virus. Virus is very annoying and it can damage your computer even the hardware if you are not aware. I once was a trainee virus engineer in trend micro but I find the job very stressing so I quit. Viruses are software too made by people who want to earn money annoying people’s computer and in fact if I am not mistaken they are the companies that gives anti-virus software. This is all about business my friend.

Another problem is hardware and this one is more completed depending on what you are expert on. Some expert will say that if the problem is software then you are lucky than having a hardware problem. Yes it is true because as an integrated system engineer that is what I am exposed to. If you want a good Computer Repair Service then you can be sure that you are in a good hand. Speaking of Computer Repair I would advice to look for a service company that has it all like not only computer service but things around like networking, software installer, Virus remover or perhaps a company that deals all electronic problems like Audio- video equipment, cell phone, digital cameras, internet and others.

There are companies that cater these problems with small fee. Why pay every time you have technical problem with your gadget? Pay small and have technical support anytime anywhere. You can ask most of these companies many time as you want. Most technical support will charge you per transaction, why spend too much money when you can have a cheaper one?


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