10 Reasons why you are not Rich

I found an article "10 reasons why you are not Rich" and I believed that the writer is right when he wrote it. I will share it with you so that you will get some tips and apply it in your life.

1.0 You Ignore your Finance. You need to plan for your future and take control of your finance so that you will become a millionaire. Take control of your finance by planning. If you ignore and let the course do it then probably you will not become rich.

2.0 You're Financially Afraid. If you are afraid to invest your money or do a business and let your money stay in the bank then you will not become rich in fact your money will be eaten by inflation.

3.0 You Invest in Things you don't Understand. Before you invest in anything make it sure that you understand what you are doing and how to manage that investment or business. You should invest in such investment just because your friend make money on it. He understood what the business is but not you. Better educate yourself first before you invest.

4.0 You Rely on others to take care of your investment. Well honestly everybody wants money so must probably they will manage it to their advantage. Better to learn on that investment but do it yourself.

5.0 You try to make more money fast. Most people bet on lottery because they want instant money but the truth is that its easy to be hit by a lightning than to win a lotto.

6.0 You Have not Prepared. Everything needs preparation like for example if you have a business better you have an insurance. Make everything ready to protect your wealth.

7.0 You have no goals. Goals is very important if you want to become rich. How can you reach your destination if you have no goals and determination?

8.0 You have bad habits. Whether it is smoking, drinking or gambling they are all bad that will affect your savings because they eat most of your money. Smoking can add financial problem because it can cause health problem and this will cost you more money.

9.0 You are not Patient. Before it is hard to spend money that you do not have but today you can do it using your credit card.

10.0 You care what your neighbor think. If you care about what your neighbors are thinking then most likely you will not become rich. You buy something to please them is not a sign to make you rich.

These reasons are very clear that if you do have them 100% you will not become rich.

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