10 Smart Money Move

Here are my 10 smart Money Move for 2011. If you have money problem last years then follow these 10 Smart Money Move and make your 2011 year a good year to start your business. Make it the stepping stone for your financial freedom in the future. It should start from you.

Here are my 10 Smart Money Move for this year:

1.0 Face your money problem and be honest or accept the really that you have money problem.
This means that you have to face the really that you have money problem like credit card problem. Learn the basic of money keeping, spending and investing. Handling money can be learned and through discipline you will create more money and investments. Make it as part of your life, you will realize later that managing money is fun.

2.0 Organize your finances, statement of account, banks account, insurance policy, credit card statements. If you are not organized you will tend to panic not only because you do not have money but you are unorganized.

3.0 Review Your Statement Account.Get a feel for what you are spending. Where is your money really going? You may often find some errors and double charges. Look at hidden fees from all the bills you pay. Confirm that some of your regular income is going to a savings account on a monthly basis. If you have an investment account, take a close look at what you have: stocks, funds, bonds, cash, gold. Know what you have and then ask yourself how it feels. You don’t need to have a finance background to know whether your money situation is letting you sleep at night.

4.0 Return To Basic. Many people are indulging themselves with expensive things be it beauty treatment, gadget and other worldly materials. Ask yourself if these things are really important. Can you live without them? Instead of enrolling in the gym why not walk, play with friends in basketball, doing home chores and gardening? Think about all these and you will realize that you wasted lots of money.

5.0 Find Another Source of Income. In my case I blog and I earned extra money doing it. The part is that I enjoy doing it. There are countless opportunities out there like babysitting, writing e-Books about anything that can make people make their live easier, editing, consulting, translating and more.

6.0 Ask for discount and especial offer. Some people think that by doing so you are cheap, will this is not true at all. Many rich people are doing it even Donald Trump. You are asking not stealing so there is nothing to be ashame of.

7.0 Sell your old things which you are not using. You will be surprised that you can get more money out of your junk. You can also free up some space in your house.

8.0 Not that this is a must, but if you had to radically downsize your life, how would you do this? Would you move? Would you cook more or grow your own food? What would you do? Just knowing this will push you to live differently, with a higher level of consciousness.

9.0 Take a look at your beliefs and emotions around money. Most of us picked these up from our parents. One of them was probably fearful or always worried. Maybe one of them over-spent or was in debt. Think about it. You are now an adult and don’t have to be loyal to their beliefs around money. If you do feel anxious about money, take a deep breath and ask yourself: “Where have I seen this before?” Commit to making a fresh start.

10.0 Be grateful for what you do have. We have so much more than 95% of the planet. Bless what you have. Find ways of giving. If it's not money, give your time and your heart. The more you give, the more life finds ways to give back.

Now that you have this 10 Smart Money Move, apply it seriously and I hope you will find peace when it comes to money in 2011.

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