Top 10 Billionaires in the World

I will enumerate the top ten billionaire in the world but before anything else I would give a small background about this listing. There are many billionaires in the world today than ten years or twenty years ago. What is interesting today is that there are many billionaires outside United States today when combine than before. Some of the billionaires are coming from poor countries where there are lots of poor people who live with $1 a day. Today there are 1,210 billionaires in the world with $4.5 trillion worth of money when all are combined.

Here is the top ten billionaires in the world for 2011.

1.0 Carlos Slim Helu is worth $74 billion and his source of fortune is telecom and he is from Mexico which has lots of poor people. If I were him I would donate some of my money to charity.

2.0 Bill Gates is worth $56 billion but he is a giver person who donate $30 billion to charity. He is the owner of Microsoft Corporation. If he did not donate his money he would still be number one which he positioned many times in previous years. He is an American.

3.0 Warren Buffet is a Stock Market genius who earned his money through stock trading. He is worth $50 billion. If you want to be rich through investing then learn it from  American Warren Buffet.

4.0 Bernard Arnault is worth $41 billion and he is from France. His businesses are diversified from wine, clothing and even ship building. He is the richest European in the list.

5.0 Larry Ellison is worth $39.5 billion. He owns Oracle company. Most of us know about Oracle just like Bill Gates who owned Microsoft. He is an American guy.

6.0 Lakhsmi Mittal is worth $31.1 billion and he comes from Asia. He is an Indian guy who is into metal or steelmaker. Well his last name sounds like metal. His companies are around the world.

7.0 Amancio Ortega is a Spaniard who owned a chain of clothing like Zara and other brand. He has a store in more than 22 countries around the world. He is worth $31 billion.

8.0 Eike Batista is worth $30 billion and he is from Brazil. He is into mining and oil industries.

9.0 Mukesh Ambani is worth $27 billion and he is into Petrochemicals and he is from India.

10.0 Christy Walton and family is worth $26.5 billion and she is an American who owned Wal-Mart.

These list of top ten billionaires in the world in 2011 are coming from different part of the world. There is no Chinese but I am sure they are catching up. All of these billionaires earned more money last year than before.

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