World Richest People in 2011

Forbes Magazine track the 2011 richest people in the world for 25th time. See are the billionaires in 2011 and you will be surprised if your favorite billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are still ranked highest as we used to see them. The list of this years billionaires break two record according to report (1, 210 billionaires) and ($4.5 trillion) better than last year. This money is higher than the domestic product of Germany which rank lesser billionaires in top six nations. India, China, Russia and Brazil produced 108 billionaires out of 214 new billionaires. These nations are home of one billionaire out of four. Ten years ago they are home of one billionaire out of ten. Last year only USA has more than 100 billionaires but right now China has 115 while Russia has 101 billionaires. This years means that wealth is going outside the United States of America.

Still on the top is Mexico mogul Carlos Slim Helu who added $20.5 billion to his wealth. He is now worth $74 billion ahead of Bill Gates who is ranked number 2. Carlos Slim Helu is a telecom mogul and this is his second time in number position since last year.

Third billionaire is Warren Buffet who owns Berkshire Hathaway. He is a stock market genius. He was actually ranked number one before together with Bill Gates who owned Microsoft company. Bill Gates gave $30 billion to charity.

Here is my top ten billionaires in the world 2011.
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