Credit Counseling

Money is always a problem for people who do not know how to manage their finances. I know a friend whose income is bigger than mine but still he could not save money. He asked me many times how I saved money each month with my small salary and I told him that he need to monitor his monthly income and decide where to use in order to use them for expenses and business. He told me that at the end of each month he has many bills and do not know where his money went.

Controlling our own expenses is the best way to do if you want gain financial freedom. Make a budget list and save at least 10% of your gross monthly income. If you cannot do it alone then you need a counselor to help you map your expenses and how to control your urge in money spending. You need a credit counseling to advice you on how to manipulate your income. You can do this now, don’t wait for another day. If you have a credit card please leave it always at home and use cash when you go shopping. To be honest until now I do not have a credit card, I used cash to buy foods and other things. Saving money is easy if you have the guts to do it.


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