Hookah Hookah

When I worked here in Middle East for the first time I was wondering what the Arabs are doing inside the restaurant with a pipe with tube they were sucking. My friend who worked here before me told me that it is their way of brotherhood. Sucking in the same pipe with friends when there is a gathering is normal with the Arabs. It is called hookah. It is very popular in the Middle East too just like cigarette. Turkey and Egypt are also using hookah and some Europeans too. Shisha started long time ago here in Middle East but I did not ask where it was started.

Our company had a Latvian visitor before to fix our flying simulation system and he bought five hookahs before he went to his beloved country Latvia. This hookah is now available in the Internet if you want to buy it cheaper. I found a website that offer free shipping if you will buy more than $100.00 if you are living in American Continent. If you are living in American continent then you can save money if you order now. I have not tried this shisha because it is not practice in my native country but as I see people are enjoying this session. Buy a hookah now and avail of their free shipping if you are living in American Continent.


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