Topamax Birth Defects

There is a saying that in order to be rich you need to pay your debt first. But what if being disable is the impediment to achieve you success. Success has many meanings but most of them are measured by money. Money is the common denominator of success. There are many factors that will lead a person to be successful. In fact sometimes your disability will help you become successful because you will be challenged. Birth defects are most of the problem an individual can challenge himself. Clift lip can be shameful because it is located at the center of your face where people first look at you. You will loss confidence and feel inferior which will result to being failure. If you are a woman who has a birth defect child or baby and feel that it is because you took Topamax then it is time to be heard. Sue the company who produce this drug because this company denied a brighter future of your child.

Ask for compensation due to damage done by taking this drug. Ask the Topamax Birth Defects Lawyer regarding this case because they knew about it and they can help you file the case and win. 


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