What You Should Invest if You are an Expatriate

I listed some of the businesses that you should avoid if you are an OFW or Expatriate because I believed that there is a big chance that you will loss your capital. I have a personal experienced with some of these businesses while the others were businesses of my friends and relatives and most of them folded their business. If you really want to make your money grow then it is better to invest it rather than opening a business which you can not manage personally. It is very hard to rely to other people or to your relatives when it comes to money and business. They will not care because it is not their business anyway.

The best thing to do is to buy a parcel of land whether it a residential lot or a farm. Farm and residential lots will appreciate as time goes by. If you can find a good zoning then it is better because that place will appreciate faster. Just be sure to get the land title. You can check this in registry of deeds for authentication. Be careful about land title there are some fake title or perhaps had been sold many times.

If you buy a farm land then plant trees on it because it has a very low maintenance and after eight years you can harvest the trees with high price.

Invest in Mutual Fund and insurance because they will also yield high interest compare to time deposit and savings account. Pay your social security insurance, you can have pension when you retire when you reach 60 years old.

List of Businesses You Should Avoid If You are an Expatriate


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