Lose weight by eating less calorie foods

I exercise every day to lose weight. My exercises are consist of brisk walking, climbing the stairs and lifting. I enjoy doing it because it feels me relax and calm. I lost 10 pounds already but the problem is, I am craving for sweets aside from water. Is it normal for people who exercise? Well I asked some of my friends and they told me that it normal because when you exercise, you sweat and you lost water from your body.

I drink plenty of water and I buy candies when doing my exercise. I also invite friends to make my exercise jolly. Friends can motivate you to lose weight especially if you do some competition like who lose more weight. They can also share food diet like what to eat and not to eat.  Right now I also watch the biggest loser and to be honest I am really inspired by these people who lost weight tremendously. I conclude that losing weight is about discipline because no matter how hard you exercise but you eat lots of foods, there is no way you will lose weight. Losing weight is about exercise, food intake and discipline.

Right now I am using low carb candy to quench my thirst. It is safe for losing weight and yummy too. Just stay away from foods that are high in calorie.


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