My First Job

I worked before as part of production team. Our products were pineapple in the can and tomato paste which were exported to United States. The quality control was of high standard because as I have said the products are for export. My job was very easy although it was exhausting because I was assigned to select the good pineapples like the right size, neither overripe nor raw before they were dumped to the factory processor. From there the job was easier because the machines were doing the job from the start until they were packed and labeled. The conveyors helped the job faster and lighter because we do not have to carry the cans which were placed inside the big pack carton. The quality control just made it sure that the cans were not damaged before they were packed.  

Although the job was recurring I still thankful because I learned to be patient and I was able to land a better job. It was my stepping stone to land a fruitful and satisfying career.  To those who are still looking for a job I would advise you to love your job even if the salary is not generous. You’ll never know that it might be a blessing in disguise. Many menial jobs lead to many paths of employment that you would like for the rest of your life. Many famous people started from scratch and yet they persevere and became rich and famous. Some of these people started as newsboy. 

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