How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging? This is a late topic but worth mentioning.

How to make Money Today
Blogging is another way to make money today while at home. Honestly I am not a good writer because English is my second language and in fact my grammar is terrible but blogging has helped me improve my writing. If you want to make money in blogging I would advise you try blogspot website to create your free blogsite. Wordpress is also good if you are good in some internet programs like html, php and etc. Now let’s go back to blogging. You can write anything under the sun if you want your blog to be as hobby but if you are serious then you must concentrate on topics that people are looking in the search engine. Search engine is same as Google where you want to search for a topic.

This is not a quick scheme to earn money but it will take you months because you need to establish your blog site. You need to let the worldwideweb that you have a website. By applying SEO and writing at least twice a week will help improve your website presence.

Here are the steps on how to make money on blogging:
1.0   Set-up a free blogsite by registering in blogspot. Wordpress is good but you need to learn more on how to set it up. Also you cannot place ads in it if you don’t own it fully like the domain name and web hosting.
2.0   After you finished opening a website or blogsite, choose the best topic that you want to publish in your blog. Most of your writing must concentrate on this theme or topic to shoot up your blog in the search engine.
3.0   Apply SEO or search engine optimization to improve traffic. If you are new, traffic by the way are the visitors visiting your website or blog.
4.0   While waiting for the blog to be known you can join websites that offer you to write articles which is related to your blog. They will pay you for writing.
5.0   Add ads like adsence when you start to have a good traffic.

This is the basic way on how to make money in blogging. You can also sell some products related to your blog if you are interested. 


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