Best Web Hosting in 2011

Finding a good web hosting can be time consuming because I tried two providers already but they failed my expectations. The two companies which I do not want to mention here failed miserable in customer support category. They answered my email very late and they do not understand my problem.

Lately I found a website that rates the top ten best webhosting sites in the world. This rate is best on 2011 where they were rate according to price, services, features and etc. there are some web hosting site that are cheaper but they only accept credit card so I would not recommend it if you don’t use your credit card.

I bought in a site that offers Wordpress Hosting because I am using wordpress and the web hosting that offers wordpress hosting is easy to set-up. It’s up to you which provider you will choose as long as the rank higher and they offer what you need. I would also suggest choosing a provider that your friend uses because at least when a problem arises you can ask him or her to solve the problem.


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