I lost my post in my wordpress Blog

I lost my posts in my other blog yesterday and I was not able to recover them. I felt helpless and sorry because those posts are really good and I spent time and effort to do them. It happened when I renewed my yearly subscription of my other domain. I accidentally pressed one of the buttons in their page and viola I lost everything. Maybe I can recover them from the web hosting company but it will take time. Their technical support is not good.

If you have Wordpress blog it is better to back-up your files in your hardisk to make it sure that you will not loss them if you are exploring your control panel. Wordpress is a good weblog portal if you are into Internet but like me who lacked knowledge in this field and who are more focus on writing, it is a headache. My recommendation is to back-up all your files or posts and explore your control panel if you are using wordpress.


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