How to Bring foods in the Table

Making money today aside from regular job is very necessary in order to gain financial independence. I have to say it again “Nobody becomes rich working from company or having a boss. You are at his mercy in order to earn money.” The problem is that your salary is not enough for daily expenses in your family. As the children grow the expenses grow too. In order to have abundant foods in your table, you need to exert more effort and energy at first to earn extra money in order to have a capital for business. When your business grows and your money starts working for you then foods will follow.

Eating the right foods even if they are cheaper is the best option in order to gain more money. It is a way of saving money for the future. Do not change your habit of expending even if you start earning more. This doesn’t mean that you are cheap but you are just trying to be frugal. Stingy is different from being frugal. There are times that even you try to excel in order to be a successful businessman but no matter what you do, you are still poor. This is because there are other forces which are very hard to control like the politics and how the government care about their citizen. That is why you need to choose better leaders in your country in order to boom the economy and will give you more opportunity to succeed.

Vote bloomfield for congress because his platform is pro poor, he can make a change.


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