Bullying and Other Gruesome Crimes

I read about a suicide case just recently and I am devastated because according to the report the 7th grader was bullied by her classmates and in social media. The cyber-bully was the worst because her picture where she was bullied in school was posted. This is not the first case that I read about bullying in America. I thought that America is the best place to live but because of these bullying I have a second thought to move there. Crime like this should not be tolerated. Why these children are are doing this bullying thing? Are not they disciplined in their home by their parents? Are parents today don’t teach what is good manner and conduct? This is a wake-up call to every one of us that discipline like charity should begin at home. Parents should not depend in school to discipline their children.

 My friend who works in North Carolina as a caregiver said that maybe the culture has something to do with what the children are doing in school. Most of these children were ignored at home because parents are busy earning a living so when they are in school they bullied or blame others for their problem and rejection. He was living alone in an apartment and lately his home was ransacked by unidentified individuals. He lost his expensive watch and jewelries. He was still thankful that when the thieves took his belonging he was not there otherwise he might have been killed. I told him to hire a criminal investigator in to know who did it.

 These are just simple but gruesome incidents that can be avoided if every citizen will work together starting from their own home so that crime rates will decrease or perhaps eliminated.


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