Transportation Business

My friend who worked here in Middle East resigned last month and decided to stay in our native country for good. He worked here for almost 20 years and invested his money through stock market. Right now since he has nothing to do, he decided to own a business. He did try many businesses before like restaurant, trading business and even piggery but he was not able to recover the capital. Well maybe because they were not supervised by him personally. Indeed business without your present is very risky.

He inherited his father business which is transportation. He has 150 taxis, five buses and a charter bus rental for tourist and children who want to rent it for field trips and other purposes. He told me that the ROI (return of investment) is easy to achieve because of the taxis and buses. If you have big capital the maintenance is not a problem because just in case one unit is damaged you can still earn money though other units.

Since tourism is very popular today, many tourists will rent his units and he will earn big. What is important in this business is that you should be very caring to your customers. If they like your service they will get you the next time they need your taxis or buses. Tourism is big industry today. 


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