2013 Recap of my Investment and before that year

2013 was really an eye opener for me about investing. 

Although I have been investing before when I started working but not much last year. 

My first investment if you consider this as investment is to maintain myself free from debts. 

When I started working in the 90's I see to it that I pay my retirement pension which is the SSS. 

Paying SSS is I think the best first move in investment. 

In the 90's I also bought pension plans from other companies which right now I regretted. 

Actually I can collect those money in 2020 when I reach 50 years old. 

They are not big money but anyway at least I have them. I also bought a farm lot in my province which I already earning, the product are trees. 

It is also a very cheap land because it has no title (it is part of a public land which were squatted by farmers, it is actually a nursery for trees).

In the 2000's I bought a lot in the city which is 200 square meters. 

Right now the value is high, I mean it earned 50% increase which I think better than my first investments. 

I plan to erect a boarding house in it so that I will have a monthly source of income. 

Another investment which I have in the 2000's is an apartment in a subdivision but not yet fully paid. 

The value of the house is now also high compared when I bought it three years ago. 

I still pay for amortization, although it is spread in 30 years, I plan to fully paid it next year so I can use it as collateral for my new project which is the boarding house while I am still employed. 

Another investment which I focus last year is the Mutual Fund. 

Although I started it in 2006, I did not do my monthly investment because I don't trust the Mutual Fund before. 

But in 2012 I found out that the initial investment earned interest that is more than my investment. 

It earned more than 100%. In 2012 and 2013 I concentrated in Mutual Fund investment. 

I invest in balance fund and equity fund until now and I will do it diligently every month. 

My next target is stock market, right now I am constantly monitoring some of the best stocks in my country.


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