Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Would come with bigger screen?

Samsung Galaxy Note series is known for its massive configuration and the bigger display devices and last year with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung defined the new high-end device configuration which was not only likes by the users, even different manufacturers are trying to overcome it. No doubt that now Users want bigger and bigger screens, is an overwhelming truth. It’s what you use your phone to primarily and increasingly consuming and, above all, create content. But if you are expecting even bigger display in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 then you might be wrong as the recent device in the series is already in its perfect shape and size, you should expect some design changes rather then the bigger display.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Everyone saw it coming for years, but Samsung was the one who risked and he was right. And for this reason there is none who overshadows today in the market of phablets and Samsung could be called as “pro”. This, coupled with its unique S-Pen, is the key to success of Galaxy Note range. And now Samsung is taking the Samsung Galaxy Note series to the infinite world of features and specifications and this revolution would begin with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date.

In terms of design, the recent Note 4 becomes separated slightly from the previous Note 3 in the wake of new and follows Galaxy Alpha (in this sense, the best part has led the Galaxy Note Edge). It is lightweight, small, powerful and above all, elegant. And, as in the Alpha, these are weapons that champion the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to head the list of his virtues. The Galaxy Note 4 back cover has a texture very similar to Note 3 (loses perimeter stitching design) and metal profiles that improve those of its predecessor, who wanted to pretend they were not. We have never criticized the plastic / polycarbonate finishes: if plastic is plastic, period. It is not therefore be better or worse phone. And with the first glimpse of the Galaxy Note 4 the truth is that what you see is what appears: metal that is metal and plastic is plastic, substantial improvement over its predecessor. But may be Samsung fans are expecting something more like whole metal body in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
In the present Samsung Note device, speaking of controls and physical buttons, the truth is that not presented anything new. Power button, volume controls, audio jack and a USB 2.0 connector are on their general position, so everyone would like to see a new design in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, because people are bored to see the same standardized things. But the new launched Galaxy S6 could be considered as a surety for the new design, as Samsung has actually started following a new design and style scheme for its flagship, and we hope to see the same for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


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