Samsung Galaxy S7 Development Might Be Complete By December, Thanks To Agile Methodology

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 is not expected until early next year but rumors about the flagship device have already started emerging. Using a new methodology, the development of the Galaxy S7 is estimated to be completed by December this year.
A report from Korean publication Asia Today suggests that Samsung is giving way to the old "Waterfall" method and is adopting the more productive "Agile" method of developing devices.
The new method breaks various aspects of a device development in small parts. When one module is finished then it is tested subsequently to make the overall process quicker. With the Agile system the development plan can also be changed slightly.
On the other hand, the Waterfall method follows a precise plan of development and does not have any room for alterations when a stage is completed.
The launch of a new Galaxy S series handset is a big event. The Galaxy S6 and its predecessors have been welcomed well by smartphone enthusiasts and market gurus alike. Samsung will want that the Galaxy S7 attracts more customers to buy the phone.
Samsung has not let out any information on the Galaxy S7 and currently limited rumors are floating in the market about the flagship smartphone.
A previous Tech Times report highlighted that Samsung is testing two variants of the Galaxy S7: one running on Snapdragon chipset and the other on Exynos. However, the exact version of the chip to be used in the upcoming Samsung handset is yet to be confirmed.
Samsung normally launches a new handset in the Galaxy Note series during September but this year the company has preponed its "Unpacked" event to mid-August. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 5 at the event.
The smartphone maker also usually reveals a new phone in the Galaxy S series during February. However, if the smartphone is developed earlier by about one to two months, then Samsung may launch the Galaxy S7 sometime in January 2016.

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