Super Saver Tips | List of Saving Tips

I discuss about how to generate money like employment, personal employment and business like selling and services. There are many ways to earn money. Self discipline plays an important role here. You have to control yourself. It is not easy to do it, right? Yes it is not easy but try this one.

According to study habit can be developed if you want to. Doing a thing everyday up to a minimum of 21 days repeatedly will develop it into a habit. If you are a spender, try to stop shopping and buying for 21 days and it will make you less spender. Make a list of everything you want to buy before going to the market or mall.

So here are some of the best way to save money:

  1. Don't buy if you just want something but you really don't need it. Wants is different from needs. Example if you buy a cellphone, ask yourself if it is really necessary to buy a latest model or you just want to brag it with your friends. Stop bragging, what goes around, comes around, what goes up must come down. Your financial future will be affected.
  2. Buy something if you will use it to earn money, like for example a camera, if you earn taking pictures then buy a camera but if you want to use it for personal or just for picture taking, just borrow one from your friend.
  3. Recycle some of the materials around, like cans, plastics, clothes and other things inside the house. You might find some treasures in your garbage.
  4. Conserve water by having a basin when you waste your plates and utensils. Pour those water waste in your plants as a fertiliser.
  5. Turn off the light and appliances if you are not using them.
  6. Plant spices like union spring, lemon grass and tomatoes in your yard instead of flowers and other ornamental plants. You can use them for cooking instead of buying them in the market.
  7. If you are living near your work place, it is better to walk to save gasoline and it is the best exercise too.
  8. Buy generic brand instead of buying expensive brand like pills and other product. Oatmeal is oatmeal so choose the cheaper one.
  9. Buy during midnight sales or anniversary sales you can get big discount.
  10. If you are cooking a special recipe choose an ingredients that are cheap. They actually taste the same.
  11. Cook in the house and invite your friends and let them cook too and be invited, you will save money instead of eating in the fancy restaurant.
  12. Eat vegetables instead of meat. They are delicious and nutritious.
  13. Buy vegetables which are on season, they are cheaper on those months.
  14. Buy fresh fruits than those in the cans and glass. They are free from preservatives and cheap too.
  15. Stop smoking as much as possible.
  16. Stop drinking alcohol.
  17. If you could not control yourself then most likely you will fail to follow these tips.
  18. Stop playing lottery and other game of chance. Just do it for fun and once in a while.
  19. If you have cable TV, stop the subscription if there are other alternative ways to entertain your family.
  20. Instead of extravagant vacation every year, do it once every two or three years and to the province. It is cheaper there than going to Hong Kong or other places.
  21. If you have two telephone lines and extra cellphone subscription, cancel them and retain only one.
  22. Live a simple life and be contented.
  23. Buy clothes only twice a year.
  24. Don't patronize a brand, buy a good quality clothes.
  25. Buy fish instead of pork.
  26. Avoid getting sick, it will cost you too much.
  27. If you have children, encourage them to save money.
  28. Encourage them to take scholarship to save tuition fees.
  29. Pack their snacks and lunch.
  30. Put your money in the bank to avoid spending.


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