Shisha Time

When I first came in Middle East I saw and observed that most men there are using this kind of pipe inhaling and they used it one after another. This session is common among Arab guys after their work or they do it even in their spare time during working days. I asked one guy what is it because it is not common in our country and he said that it is Shisha. He told me that it is very popular in Europe not only in the Middle East. He said maybe in Europe it is very cold during the winter but according to him Shisha originated in Middle East. I do not know if he just want to boost about Shisha but maybe he is also telling the truth because this Shisha is everywhere in Middle East.

When we have a visitor who is a trainer in flying, he also bought this shisha with complete parts and tobacco with different flavor. He told me that they are available in Europe but he has no time to buy there because his next stop is in China for exhibition. There is this Hookah pipe and other ingredients which are from Syria, Turkey, India and other places he told me and he was looking for these Shisha. I told him that I saw one store in our place. He told me that he might order other Shisha in the Internet.

Shisha is composed of Shisha pipe, charcoal, tobacco, base, hose and more. I have not tried Shisha but it seems to me that the Arab guys are enjoying their chit-chat time when they have this Shisha and it fact they enjoy it too much than smoking. Right now there are online stores that sell shisha if you really want to enjoy this Arabian tradition. You can use credit cards to buy online. Buy now because the winter is fast approaching. This social pastime is very popular in Europe also and you can buy them cheap online and available in U.K.


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