The Importance of Credit

I am planning to get a credit card because I need it when I will visit my friend in Canada. Right now I have a hard time because I do not have land line. I think having a credit card is good if you will use it for good purposes. It can be used for emergency.

The world is in recession not even United States but also in Europe like Greece, Italy and Ireland. These countries need to borrow money to refinance their government and businesses. Last night I watched CNN about Italy and most of the newly graduate were worried about their future and most people in Ireland are wanting to go abroad to find job because their economy is in trouble too.

Right now I think the best way is to apply for a loan to refinance your business. Find extra job if you can while you budget your salary for daily expenses and apply for credit loan is the best you can do. Many people are panic with recession but if you are ready then this could be an opportunity to invest while the market is low. Making money is not easy but you have no choice but to do it especially during this time of recession. Saving for rainy days is really very important. 


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