Topamax Lawsuits

Taking drugs while pregnant is very dangerous. Although most of the women will ask prescription from the doctors’ still there are drugs that doctors do not know well. If you are pregnant be very cautious in taking drugs or any medicine. If you can avoid drugs then do it. Smoking is not also good for the child that is inside the woman’s womb.  There is a drug that might make your child having a cleft. This drug is already identified by United Sates drugs and foods administration and it is called Topamax. This drug is 11 times riskier than women who do not use Topamax to get birth defect child.

You can apply for topamax lawsuits if you are a victim of this drug though the manufacturer had warned already about its effect. If you are a victim of this drug then be heard now by going to their website and fill up their form.

Topamax is very effective drug for migraine and epilepsy but it is not good for women who are pregnant. If you’re a woman who is pregnant then you can use other safe pain reliever.  Make your child healthy by avoiding drugs and eat healthy foods. I think there are other alternative drugs for this and safer. Manufacturer must also test their drugs before releasing it for public consumption. 


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